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birthday party

So my birthday is right around the corner (January 31st!) & a couple dear friends & I are trying to put together a party for me. This is definitely the first time I'm actually having a party that my parents didn't put together, so I feel a little lost. I know I'm a college student, so most of my friends won't care as long as there is alcohol there, but I want to make it really special, you know? I've been brainstorming recently & trying to think of ideas for food, decorations, & entertainment.

I think I've got food all sorted out. I wanted to put together a little mini dessert stand with cupcakes, chocolates, chocolate-dipped pretzels, & a tiny cake for blowing the candles out ;] Very doable. I also wanted some snacks there as well, like chips & dip or pigs in a blanket. As for decorations, I don't really care that much. I'd be thrilled with a banner & maybe a balloon or two, but I have a feeling Becki is going to go above & beyond ;]

As for entertainment, I'm completely clueless. I've been to countless parties & I know we don't really need anything besides conversation for entertainment, but I still feel like my party will be missing *something*. Any ideas? I've even googled "college student birthday parties" & couldn't find a darn thing. Seems like the only simple parties to throw are for children or after a wedding. I don't want to do anything trashy like beer pong, & don't want to sit down to watch a movie. Becki suggested poker which could be fun, but I also totally wouldn't mind doing something nostalgic like pin the tail on the donkey. Ugh, help me out here!

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  1. what about board games? there are definitely some good "adult" games out there. one of my faves (though not necessarily for adults) is apples to apples. it might be cheesy, but it is fun and keeps everyone entertained! and hey, if there's alcohol there and you don't wanna do something lame like beer pong, you can always make simple board games into drinking games haha.