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time to be a bookworm

"The cause of depression is being too self-involved. & the cure is to read." I heard that in a movie once. Recently, I haven't spent as much time reading as I used to & with how bananas my life's been lately, what better time than now to get involved in some new books? So I went to a bookstore last night to see if I could find something I could really delve into & I audibly gasped when I saw a new book by Nicole Krauss sitting on the shelves. Despite only writing two books, she's my favorite author of all time. For years, I would always check her name in the fiction section every time I entered a bookstore just to make sure she didn't churn something out without me knowing. Seeing her new book on the shelf, five years since her last publication, felt like fate. & right next to it was a new book of Steve Martin's that is sure to be fantastic. I feel like I won the lottery :]


  1. Please let me know how those books are!! Pleasure reading is the best.
    Lots of Love,

  2. will do, sweetie pie! love youuuuuu :]