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Ingrid Michaelson concert!

I love, love Ingrid Michaelson & it was magical to finally see her perform! It was certainly within my top 3 concerts of my entire life :] Monday night, Burton & I went on a double date with our about-to-be-married friends John & Brittany. The boys suggested getting a bottle of wine so we could sit in a booth in the VIP section. I've never done anything like that before, but it was SUCH a brilliant idea! Not only did we have an incredible view, but it felt cozy & intimate & being about to sit (HUGE perk) felt so nice after teaching on my feet all day.

Ingrid played a pleasant mix of her new & older songs & she definitely played every song I wanted to hear. Not only that, but she was really, REALLY funny. She spoke quite a bit in between songs & had us laughing our butts off each time. She even spotted a bag of Cheetos in the crowd & demanded they be passed up to her! Whatta personality ;] If she ever comes near your town, do yourself a favor & go see Ingrid!

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