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spring break!

One of my favorite things about Burton is how much he likes to travel & explore new places with me. We thought about having a quiet little Spring Break from school, but ultimately decided we should definitely take a road trip instead! & I CAN'T WAIT.

STOP #1: Richmond, VA
We'll spend some good quality time with my favorite girl, Ashley, in her Richmond home, seeing the sights, enjoying the cool weather, & eating some yummy food.

STOP #2: Washington, D.C.
I haven't been since a 5th grade field trip so I'm excited to go back, see the monuments & museums, & actually appreciate it this time. Not to mention we'll be spoiling ourselves rotten at the swanky Hotel Monaco in cute Alexandria, VA (which seems somewhat like Savannah, where Burton proposed!).

STOP #3: Fayetteville, NC
We'll finally be stopping for a couple days at Burton's mom's house. We haven't seen her since the wedding, so it will be nice to just relax & go for hike or two :] Then get ready for the drive home. Needless to say, our getaway is going to be AWESOME. I'm lucky to have a fella who loves to travel as much as me. Many pictures to follow, of course :]

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