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instagram moments


1. My hubby treating me to Panera. I crave their tomato soup from time to time.
2. Best anniversary present ever. Thanks, David!
3. Burton & I on our Groupon date night. Using up all of our about-to-expire Groupons!
4. YUM. PB chocolate chip cookies with a melted mini Reese's cup inside. I'll share the recipe soon :]
5. What a find. And such a bargain, too!
6. Ray's birthday present. He loves Yoda, I love yoga. Done deal.
7. Just a couple of bros on a Swarovski crystal staircase.
8. Our Myla turned THREE this month! She got a whole spoonful of peanut butter, of course :]


  1. :) :) Loving that crystal staircase, can I admit to secretly wanting something like that in my own home? :P

    1. I know, it's GORGEOUS. But I remember hearing that each STEP cost $30,000. I can't even fathom.