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married xmas #2

 I can't believe we're already past our second Christmas together as hubby & wife! Burton & I have been developing a mix of old & new holiday traditions, such as buying one new ornament for each other & opening it on Christmas Eve. Or putting beer & chocolate in each other's stockings, unlike the fruit I used to get in mine growing up! I'm sure our traditions will morph a lot throughout the years, & it's funny to think that our "someday family" (when we have a few kiddos running around) can really be whatever we make it :]

We had a wonderful time with family in south Florida for the holidays. Burton & I got lots of fun games we've been eying & a few warm winter clothes. It's crazy to think that next Christmas, we'll officially be Oregonians! My new boots, leggings, & scarves will definitely come in handy then :] I hope anybody reading this had a fantastic holiday, got some goodies, ate plenty of yummy food, & spent lots of relaxing time with your loved ones. Now let's start counting down to the new year! 5 more days until 2014!


  1. Your traditions sound super cute and I'm sure they cuteness will keep on continuing :)
    Merry Christmas!!

    1. thanks, Fee! Traditions have a funny happy way of making life feel...grounded :] I hope you had an amazing holiday!