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I'm 26!


My birthday was this past Friday & it was the best. birthday. EVER. I'm not a superstitious person, but for years, I've had this suspicion that my 26th year was going to be PHENOMENAL. So it's really exciting to be here & see what it's all about :] And this new age seems to certainly be off to a great start!

My hubby & I took the day off & headed over to Disney for our first time together. We met at Universal Studios, where we worked together, so it was fun to discover a new theme park with him. We had a blast, & when we were done, Burton started driving me to "dinner" which actually turned out to be my first surprise party ever!! I was FLOORED. Burton & my mom had been planning this for over a month & I had not even the tiniest clue. My family & friends had even come from out of town to surprise me at a house my mom rented for the weekend! I don't think I've ever felt so special in my whole life. Well, except maybe on our wedding day :]

Birthdays are seriously the best. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever reach that point when I dread birthdays. Getting older & improving a little bit each year is such a fun adventure to me. Can't wait for what 26 brings!