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our second anniversary! :]

Engaged. Married. Anniversary 1. Anniversary 2.
 Burton & I celebrated our wedding anniversary a few weeks ago in Bend, OR & it was absolutely magical. I just can't get over the fact that we've been married two years already! It still feels like we're newlyweds & I wonder if it will always be like that :]

 Burton & I were happy to spend our anniversary trip exploring more of our new state. While driving out to Bend, we were able to see the five tallest mountains in the state from a single vantage point! It was breathtaking. Bend itself was gorgeous, especially because there was some unexpected snow the week we were there. The bungalow we rented had a fireplace & hot tub that got a lot of use :]

Bend has plenty of good breweries, so of course we visited a few.
There were even a bunch of deer that visited  Deschutes Brewery with us :]

Hiking up Pilot Butte, where we had a good view of the city.

Tumalo Falls. Wow! This was my favorite part of our trip.

We spent a day hiking around Deschutes National Forest. It was total eye candy!

The top of Tumalo Falls.

Speaking of eye candy...

Myla had A BLAST in the snow! It was her first time seeing it & I loved watching her prance around & eat it. Although, when we were at the bungalow, she kept whimpering to go back outside. Then it became less cute.

I loved the droopy tree branches :]

I'm so happy to be married to this man :] I told Burton that it was one of the best & easiest decisions of my life. I'm looking forward to at least 65 more anniversaries with him!

The Deschutes River.

Thank you for the memories, Bend. You're absolutely beautiful! I'm sure we'll be back again soon!

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