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(delayed) etsy finds friday! & more!

Sorry for the delayed etsy round-up. I was off celebrating two years of love with my beau! However, these are the items that caught my eye this week: 1. These delicate ceramic dishes by plumhome. I adore the shape & especially the colors! 2. Knit and Crochet BBQ sells PDF patterns for fun foods like burgers, hot dogs, & berry pie! Yum! 3. lotusjulie's is possibly the most beautifully dyed yarn I've ever seen! 4. If you live under a rock & have never heard of Elsie, she makes super cute paintings (& many other things). This sewing machines painting is one of my favorites! She has another shop here, too. 5. Must have birdie vase set by Catherine Reece. She has tons of equally adorable pottery available also! 6. Nothing is cuter than pugs, hearts, & my favorite color scheme, & this card by Cuore has got it all! Definitely my favorite stationary on etsy :]

These are some pictures from our anniversary weekend at the Portofino hotel in Orlando. It is hands down the loveliest hotel I've ever stayed at! More pictures can be found on my flickr.

Our cute little hotel "patio" with our own iron wrought bench for two :]
Aww :]

I had room service for the first time! I felt like such a princess :]

Beautiful, isn't it? My boyfriend & I had a lovely anniversary. It hardly feels like we've been together for two years, probably because being in love with him is so easy & fun & satisfying. I look forward to the following years together with him :]

Here are also a few printmaking projects I worked on earlier this week & forgot to post about.

This last one just needs a little watercolor paint & it'll look great :]

Hope you had wonderful weekends, lovelies!

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  1. I love your printmaking work. I used to love doing blockprints and copper etchings. They can be so therapeutic. :)

    Happy anniversary by the way!

    (P.S. I tagged you in a meme if you do those kinds of things.) :)