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many lovely things!

I just put in an order to have two dozen roses sent to Frank on our two year anniversary. It's a little bit non-traditional for the man to receive flowers, but I've been wanting flowers in the house anyway :] We'll be celebrating this Friday by seeing one of our favorite comedians, Louis CK, & then spending the night at a romantic hotel. Room service, too! I'm so excited :D

My best friend came up to Orlando this weekend & a group of us headed on over to Disney & had a blast. Most of the gang hasn't been to Disney since they were a kid, so they acted

I made this cute felted bow headband yesterday & they are so cute & so much fun to wear! Trust me, I'll be making MANY MORE of these in the future. Have a lovely day, everyone! & hello, Monday!


  1. those roses are gorgeous, i'm sure he'll love them!

  2. Thank you so much, Joanna :]