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crazyness has ensued

I apologize for my absence. On a whim, my boyfriend & I checked out another apartment complex closer to work because they had two-bedroom apartments listed for the same price we're paying for a one-bedroom. Turns out, we found the apartment of our dreams. But we had to move in within fourteen days of signing the lease. So filled out the application on Monday & we're moving in on Friday. Between getting ready for this unexpected move & going to school & work full-time, I've had my hands full. I promise to make it up to you once the storm has calmed a little bit. Anyway, pictures of our new home:


  1. Wow, what complex is this in? We're starting to try researching housing for when we move from St. Aug back to Orlando.

  2. It's called Alexandria Parc Vue. It's literally right on the border of Disney World :]