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FINALLY! new home pictures :]

I moved in three months ago to the day, & I'm just now getting around to showcasing my humble abode :] Today, I bring you photos of my bedroom & bathroom, & tomorrow, I'll upload pictures of the rest of the townhouse. It's still a work in progress, but let me know what you think!

view from the doorway

My little balcony...which faces my roomate's ;]

My wall of mantras :]

Pictures that make me smile every morning :]


  1. LOVE the wall of mantras.

    I'm jealous of how clean & pretty your home is. my apartment is so full of junk & clutter. lucky!

  2. ohh I LOVE that passion quote!!
    I also think I spy two burntfeather pieces, he he, how wonderful :)

  3. Sofia - you should've seen this place BEFORE the pictures were taken, hahah ;]

    Fee - I actually have one more piece of yours, the one of Gob & Franklin, I just haven't found wall space that's worthy of it yet :] I love your art!

  4. Nicole, Your place looks awesome - I see now what you have been doing this last week!!! You have turned into quite the domestic goddess!! I love you, Mom

    p.s. I want to be one of those photos that makes you smile every morning!! (don't think I didn't notice that while visiting you recently!! LOL)