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hi, again!

I can't believe I haven't written in here in a month! Sorry, folks! My life has been a little hectic, what with graduating college & all, but my life has finally slowed down a bit -- hopefully enough to get back into blogging :]

So since graduating a couple weeks ago, I've been basking in my newfound freedom. I started a whole slew of paintings, delved into a couple DIY projects, & have been enjoying time with my boyfriend like mad. Things with Burton & I couldn't be better -- when we're not at work, we're attached at the hip :] We actually haven't spent a day apart since we started dating, which is actually why it's going to be so tough to be apart for two weeks WHEN I GO TO EUROPE!

That's right, my dad's graduation present to me was a trip to Germany & Poland, to visit some relatives, see some historical sites, become experts at sightseeing, and learn a bit more about my heritage. I leave in less than two weeks, so I'll definitely have much to blog about :] Two days after I come back, Burton & I are going camping in North Carolina with some friends & then we're going to my aunt's cabin in Michigan for a family reunion. Not gonna lie, this summer is going to be pretty phenomenal.

So enough, about the future, let's talk about the past. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last month, but many, many more can be found on my flickr :]

Talk to you soon, lovelies! :]


  1. you are pure AWESOMENESS!!! xoxo

  2. Love you, Mama!

    & Rebecca, I need "permission" to read your blog. GIVE IT TO ME NOW.