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extremely loud & incredibly close

Please excuse my absence! It's been craaazy here as we prep for our moving day! You should see our place -- it's pretty chaotic. Anyway, I wanted to mention that one of my top four favorite books, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, has been turned into a movie & it's coming out this Friday! I'm obsessed with this book, read it many times, & of course will see the movie. I don't know if I'll like it though.

Yes, I love Tom Hanks & the trailer looks decent, but there is no way it will be able to match the quirkiness & beautiful subtleties the books has. For instance, there's one part when the grandmother is telling her grandson a story about when her grandfather gave her a ruby bracelet that was too big. He had thought that more rubies equals more love, but she couldn't ever wear it. She says, "Here is the point of everything I've been trying to tell you. If I was going to give you a ruby bracelet, I'd measure your wrist twice."

I hope those pretty little moments aren't too overlooked. We'll see!

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