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our first date

On Friday, Burton & I went out to celebrate the anniversary of our first date :] We had sushi at the same restaurant & talked about how far we've come since then. A year ago, our waiter even picked up on how smitten we were with each other. He actually asked, "Would you like another round & keep the magic going?" For fun, we've revisited & repeated that phrase throughout our relationship. After our anniversary dinner date, we got some frozen yogurt & watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (which obviously wasn't as good as the book, but still shook a few tears out of me).

When we first started dating, it took months for it to sink in that Burton was my boyfriend -- I just felt so lucky! Sometimes being engaged to him feels a little surreal & I'm going to have to get used to calling him my husband pretty soon! I think we'll keep the magic going for many more years to come :]

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