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the three year painting

Kelly is one of my favorite people ever (& she's one of my bridesmaids)! Once upon a time, in fall 2008, she took this really awesome black & white photograph of herself. I thought it was so awesome, I started to paint it (on corkboard, so she could one day use it for decoration & functionality), took a break, & didn't put a paintbrush to it again for three and a half years. I finally finished it this weekend so I could finally give it to her at her housewarming party. Needless to say, she was psyched it was finally complete :]

I was asking around & all my artsy friends seem to fall into the same sort of pit when they take a break from a painting. I've got too many half-finished canvases sitting around for my liking & I'm going to try to finish at least one painting a month for the rest of the year. Some of my best paintings were done under pressure when I was in college & I miss having that kind of discipline. Let's see how this goes!

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