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Bling Bling! DIY Starbucks glitter cup!

As it is a new school year, I figured I needed a fancy upgrade to my classroom water cup! I'm now jumping at the chance to walk around campus with it & I've already gotten a ton of compliments! Not gonna lie, I got the idea from Pinterest, but I tweaked the method a little bit. The tutorial I saw recommended using a a spray adhesive like Super 77, but warned against it possibly creating fogginess. So I just used regular ol' glue & it turned out just fine.

You need the Starbucks "dry erase" insulated cup for this tutorial, which has an inner cup that twists out. I got mine about a year ago & I'm not sure if they still sell them in stores anymore. But I'm sure you could always find something similar. Use a paintbrush to apply school glue to the outside of the inner cup & roll it around in a bunch of glitter. Wait for it to dry & carefully twist it back into the outer cup. Super simple! This would look really cute in other colors, too ;] Happy crafting!

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