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visits from my dad

One area of my life in which I lucked out big time is having wonderful parents :] My dad lives three hours away from me, but he travels a lot for work. One of my favorite things he does is surprise me for lunch or dinner when he's passing through my neck of the woods. He'll call me a few hours before arrival (that's usually about the most heads up I'll get) so he can get what he calls his "Nicole Fix" ;]

Today, I got a phone call from him & then he was at my door a couple hour later. My dad also always takes photos of us during these visits & e-mails them to me later. Of course, I save them all. Here's a look back at some of my favorite visits from my dad.


When I was younger, he was always going on & on about what a hero his dad was to him. At 24, I still think my mom & dad are the closest to real-life superheroes. & I can't wait until the day when Burton & I have little ones to make that same impression on ;]

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