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DIY wedding aisle votives

In place of flowers (since we have no florist), I made these super simple, budget-friendly votives to line the wedding aisle :] I asked teachers around my school to collect glass jars from pasta sauce or pickle containers & I really like the different shapes & sizes I wound up with.

All you need for this project is the jars, yarn, & spray paint. I used frosted glass spray paint, but I'm sure other colors would like nice, too. Just wrap up the jars with the yarn (not too much) & get to spraying! After a few coats & the paint is dry, peel off the yarn & admire :]

They really look beautiful once you pop in a tea candle. I can't wait to see them light my way towards my favorite fella on our wedding day :] I just get mushier & mushier as the date gets closer!

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