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back to school!

It's been a BUSY two weeks! Burton & I just wrapped up our third "First Week of School" & we're both thinking this year will be a breeze. With two years of teaching under our belts, we're finally feeling comfortable in our grooves. Here's a look at my classroom (not too much has changed since last year), where I'll be spending most of my days for the next 10 months. There will be plenty of creative & artsy mess-making in here, but my kiddos & I will try to keep it just as beautiful for the rest of the school year :]
Let the learning begin!


  1. Your classroom looks super inspiring! I especially love that clock! Good luck for the rest of your year, I'm sure you are an awesome teacher :)

  2. I need more updates!! :)


  3. I KNOW, Cheryl!! I've just been so bussyyyyyy! With school started up, plus Burton & I prepping for our big move out west, we don't have a whole lot of free time. But let's skype soon!!!