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here you go, Cheryl!

Hello, friends! Sorry I've been MIA, but the start to this school year has been a busy one! Our school's theme this year is "Anchored in Excellence" (hence the Sharpie tattoo) but it really should be "Anchored in Busyness". Not only have Burton & I been been teaching full-time, but we've also been working on downsizing & selling a lot of our stuff through craigslist & ebay. Oh yeah, & I've been going to night classes twice a week to become ESOL certified. Aaaaand we've also been working out (biking, crossfit, or yoga) whenever we have a moment & aren't too tired to do so ;] We're busy bumblebees! So I thought I'd give you just a mashup update of our lives lately:

I've never been a musical or coordinated person, but I've always wanted to know how to play "Fur Elise" on the piano. The music teacher at my school agreed to teach me, & I've been making a little bit of progress :]

Burton did the sweetest thing the other day! I tried on this dress at Anthropologie & fell. in. LOVE. It's seriously the most flattering thing I've ever worn. I looked HAWT in it. But then I looked at the price tag. So I didn't buy it, but I vowed to get it one day, when I'd be armed with a coupon or a steeper sale price. Then wouldn't you know it, I came home on Friday & my wonderful, thoughtful husband had it hanging, waiting for me! Husbands don't come any sweeter than him :]


I just finished reading "Damned" by Chuck Palahniuk. It's not my favorite book of his, but the concept is fascinating. The story starts with a girl who arrives in Hell & isn't quite sure how she died. It's going to be part of a triology & I'm excited for its sequel "Doomed", which comes out tomorrowww!


I mentioned a while back that I went to Israel(!!!) over the summer, but have yet to post an update about that. Man, I've really been slacking. I'll post those pictures next time, but that's me & my friend, Becca, in the Negev Desert as a little preview :] Now I've got to go back to being busy for a little bit. XO.


  1. Ahh burton is the sweetest, your piano skills are awesome too! You'll have to take a picture of yourself in the dress next time you go out in it :) I'm sure it's awesome!

  2. I love this!! Thank you for the update :)