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our calendar is filling up!

Burton & I must have adventurous spirits because we're already planning out vacations from now until summer! I'm glad I found a fella who loves to travel & explore :] Here are the exciting trips we've got planned so far for 2014-2015:

November 2014: Bend, OR!
For our 2nd anniversary (I can't believe it's here already!), Burton & I will be exploring our new state for a long weekend! We're going to be renting this cute bungalow in Bend, OR so Myla will get to come too! Bend offers more mild weather, lots of breweries, & as you can see from the picture, lots of beautiful scenery. There are quite a few rivers, lakes, and mountains in the area, so we'll be doing plenty of outdoorsy activities :]

December 2014: South & Central Florida!
Burton & I will be spending our winter break back in the sunshine state to visit family & friends! We'll be spending the holidays with my family in south Florida, but will also carve out a few days to spend in central Florida. Most of our friends are in that general area, so we'll be asking someone to offer up their house for a big party. We wanna see as many loved ones as possible!


February 2015: Las Vegas, NV!
My favorite cousin, Nikki, will be turning 21 soon & wants to celebrate in Las Vegas! I've never been there before and it's not a city I've ever felt compelled to visit, but I'm so insanely excited about going! Nikki is one of the most incredible people I know & I can't wait to spend some time spoiling her :]

March 2015: TBD!
Burton & I have no plans for spring break yet, so we'll just have to wait & see where we wind up for our week off.

Summer 2015: Hawaii & Japan!!!
This is going to be EPIC. Burton's mom teaches on a military base in Japan & we've been aching for a chance to go visit her. I drool over all of the pictures she posts on Facebook & we are so ready to see some of those places in person! We will be spending TWO FABULOUS WEEKS exploring Japan, visiting historical sites & temples, climbing Mt. Fuji, and shopping in Tokyo. So Burton & I thought, "We have a layover in hell with it! We should spend a couple nights in HAWAII on our way out there!" Before I knew it, we were looking at beach rentals on Airbnb & fell in love with this studio in Kailua. Hell yes! Burton & I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to have these opportunities. Seriously.

Summer 2015: Colorado Camping!
Our friends, Isaac & Amy, visited Portland with us in summer 2013, & we'll be seeing them in Florida in December, so we thought it would be better if we could vacation somewhere else. We decided to meet roughly halfway in Colorado! We camped for a few days in North Carolina a few years ago, so we're going to do it bigger & better this time in The Centennial State :] I can't wait!

Our World Travels map is really starting to fill up & I couldn't be happier about it!


  1. You both are so awesomely lucky and I am so awesomely happy for you!
    You deserve of all life's richness and happiness!! I love you!! xoxo

    1. Aw, mama :] You're a big part of what makes my life so wonderful! I love youuuuuu!

  2. oh my gosh how amazing! I love planning for trips too, I did hear somewhere you get more excitement planning for trips than the actual trip but for me the trip and planning and excitement is all one big package of awesomeness :) Your US trips sound super awesome and Japan will be amazing :) Oh and that studio in Kailua looks to die for!

    1. I really love what you said about all the excitement before a trip! The planning & anticipation is one of my favorite parts about traveling with my husband, even if it's a small trip :] We are SO excited for Japan & I can't wait to share all the photos & experiences with you :]

  3. I love this post so much! I'm so happy that you two will be seeing so many beautiful places this year! I cannot wait to come and visit you. I also cannot wait for you to come and visit me! You're always welcome to smush into my tiny apartment with me for a very fun slumber party :) I'm so happy you are on my coast and I cannot wait until we can start taking advantage of that! We definitely need to put more flags in that beautiful map!

    P.S. Where did you get that beautiful map?

    P.P.S. Let's go camping!