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boy, september flew by!

My dad and his girlfriend visited during Labor Day weekend!
We showed them some of our favorite parts of Portland in a very short amount of time.
(I can't wait to see my mom & her boyfriend out here in just three weeks!)

The first day of school was September 2nd & it's been a whirlwind!
Teaching out here has been pretty much nothing like my experiences in Florida,
so I feel like a first year teacher again, but it's keeping everything so exciting!
I can't believe the first month of the school year is already over!

One of my favorite things is actually being able to ride my bike to work!
It's only 6 miles roundtrip & the commute is really pretty. Lots of lovely trees & cute houses :]
The weather's been beautiful, but I bought some rain gear for when it gets drizzly!

Burton & I took a weekend trip to Lincoln City to visit my aunt & uncle.
The Oregon coast is so breathtaking (& also a great place to fly a kite!)

In keeping up with my 2014 goals, I finally started learning how to crochet!
& I'm nearly done with my first scarf :]

We did some more hiking in Forest Park where we found the tallest fir tree in the park,
& a stone house built during the Depression. It was a bathroom for construction workers!

We celebrated Burton's 28th birthday with an incredible view from a rooftop dinner,
some massages, and a spectacular Ben Folds concert (accompanied by the Oregon Symphony)!
Of course, there were treats & libations throughout the weekend ;]

We're ready for you, October!


  1. Happy October! September looked super fun - Ben Folds woohoo! Hope school has settled down a bit more for you :)

    1. Are you a Ben Folds fan, Fee? I've seen some videos of him performing with symphonies in Australia. I thought he was pretty popular here in the states, but when I told people I was going to his show, almost everybody asked, "Who?" Hahah.