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15 things to do before 2016!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season & are as excited as I am about 2015 :] I am a big believer in learning/growing/improving in various ways each year & love goal-setting, to-do lists, & reflecting. My goals for 2014 were mostly a success - I read more than just the 10 books, contributed more than $5k to our house fund, got tattooed, & crocheted a BUNCH - but I didn't meet all my goals (& that's okay!). I should've exercised more (are you surprised?), I didn't do all 10 Pinterest DIYs, and I wound up buying some waterproof clothes to adapt to the Portland weather, but c'est la vie :] I'm proud of myself & loved 2014. It was a great year, but I'm excited to greet 2015. So here we go...

15 Things to Do Before 2016!
  1. Begin grad school!
  2. Read 15 new books (this will be book #1)
  3. Start selling my artwork at craft fairs
  4. Teach at only one school for the 2015-2016 school year
  5. Send snail mail at least twice a month
  6. Put at least $5K in our house fund
  7. Make the meal represented each month in this calendar
  8. Travel internationally!
  9. Update my blog at least once each week
  10. Learn to print with linoleum blocks
  11. Become more comfortable with using a kiln
  12. Get my weight down to the 150s
  13. Try a new crock pot freezer meal at least once a month
  14. Use Duolingo for 15 minutes each day
  15. Possibly consider the idea of maybe starting a family?!
I'm ready to start tackling my new list. Burton even gave me the cutest planner for Christmas, to help keep me in line ;] I hope you all have a fun, safe New Years Eve & an exciting new year! XO.

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  1. Cute diary and your list is super inspiring, my boyfriend bought himself a kiln, so hopefully I'll get more into clay work this year too :) Happy 2015!!!