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new year's resolutions, half-year progress

1.  Go without buying a single item of clothing.
This has been going surprisingly well! With all my downsizing and wanting to live minimally, I haven't been as tempted to buy frivolously. It feels good to not even waste time digging through clothing racks when I'm near a cute shop (which there are a ton of in Portland!) However, there have only been a couple times when I've caved, either out of necessity (my first raincoat) or cuteness ($10 Lauren Conrad sweaters?!) but Burton bought them for me as a gift, so I felt less guilty. Still counts, right? ;]
2.  Successfully finish my 3rd year of teaching. No longer a rookie! DONE!

3.  Create at least 10 small crafts or DIYs from my Pinterest boards.
This is a work in progress, of which I'll post more about once I'm done with all ten crafts. But here's a sneak peek: painted salt & pepper shakers!

4.  Make the meal represented in each month of this calendar. Going strong!

5.  Prepare at least one meal from this cookbook each month.
While we are using this cookbook, it's not as often as I would like. This month, we'll be making a somewhat healthier version of their chicken pot pie.
6.  Put at least $5K into our house fund. DONE!

7.  Drive across country, see some sights, and… DONE!

8.  Move to Oregon! DONE!

9.  Delve into my new work life & make good first impressions.
While I did land a teaching job(!!), I won't really be able to make this goal happen until the school year starts. But I'm ready :]
10. Learn to live minimally. We're now living in 350 square feet, so DONE!

11. Exercise at least three times each week. 
We're doing pretty good! Burton & I were going on 5k walks every day before we moved, but now that we're teachers with the summers off in Portland, it's a little trickier. While we are walking & biking to get around & hiking for fun, it doesn't feel like exercise. We just hope we do enough to counteract all the delicious calories we've been consuming out here :]

12. Read at least 10 new books.
  • Wildwood Imperium
  • When We Were Older
  • When I Found You
  • The Joy of Less
  • One More Thing
  • The Goldfinch
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Greyhound
  • The Moviegoer
  • Ham on Rye
13. Learn to crochet.
I bought the tools, now I just need to devote the time. I'm probably going to join a creative meetup group or attend a couple classes at nearby yarn shop (you can crochet AND drink wine, amongst fellow crafters!) 

14. Get a new tattoo??? It's been 8 years since my last tattoo, but I've actually been craving getting another lately. Just need to actually sit down & design something!


  1. so much crossed off!

    I want another tattoo too - I've wanted a moth tattoo for at least 5 years so I think that's enough time to know it's not just a fade :)

    Sounds like you're super happy - which I'm definitely happy for you about :)

    1. I bet you can design the most beautiful tattoos, Fee! My artistic style has changed so much since I got mine at 18, that I wonder if I should try to edit them somehow before getting a brand new tattoo.