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a new favorite hike!

Our first winter in Portland has been GORGEOUS. It barely rains & has been consistently in the 40s & 50s since November. I know it's uncommon weather, so Burton & I are enjoying it as much as we can! Future winters probably won't be as nice :] On a beautifully clear day, we discovered a new favorite hike! The trail starts with a loop around Mirror Lake, where we saw Mt. Hood peeking out. Myla wasted no time diving into the water!

Mt. Hood followed us as we trekked up up up for about 2.5 miles. The sunshine was so bright at about the halfway point that we could barely photograph us with the mountain.

At the top! We had 360 degree views that were absolutely BREATHTAKING! And because it was so clear, we were able to see three extra mountain peaks in the distance: Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, & Mt. St. Helens!!

Despite how windy it was at the top, we hung out for a good 20 minutes, taking it all in. Burton even surprised me, pulling a celebratory beer out of the CamelPak. This is the good life :]


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    1. Oregon is pretty breathtaking, Fee :] But I've heard incredible things about Australia too! I hope we get to visit one day.