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viva las vegas!

A couple weekends ago, my family had a mini-reunion in Vegas to celebrate my favorite cousin's birthday. I loved every minute we got to spend with my family, but man, is Vegas WEIRD. It wasn't really our scene & I couldn't imagine spending more than a few days out there. Have you ever been? Nothing could've prepared me! Btw, Burton & I were totally photobombed in the above picture - that man is not in my family.

We gambled a little, sipped plenty, & walked a LOT. We soaked up some rays poolside, enjoyed the show Absinthe, & went on the High Roller! Amazing views :]

This guy has his work cut out for him in Vegas.

I loved Bellagio's fountain show & Chihuly installation!!

It actually snowed in the surrounding mountains while we were there! We drove out looking for red rocks, but only found white ones. And lots of snowmen.

Thanks for the fun weekend, Vegas! I'm not sure if/when we'll be back ;]


  1. I've only seen (in movies and such!) Las Vegas surrounds as desert, had no idea it snowed there in winter. Not sure it would be my cup of tea either but I definitely wouldn't pass up a trip :)

    1. That's exactly how I felt - I don't think I ever would've gone on my own or without occasion. It's more overwhelming in person than I ever could've expected from watching movies. I was also surprised by the snow! We were laying out by the pool one day & the next day was in the 40s, with snow on the surrounding mountains. I'm glad it happened because it was beautiful to see :]