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being Mrs. Reed

So I realized that even though my job as an art teacher is like 80% of my life, I haven't posted about it much on here lately. I honestly respond quicker to "Mrs. Reed" than "Nicole" at this point :] At the beginning of the school year, I wanted to create a separate art teacher blog for my students' families & fellow art teachers. Click the link to check out the inspirational work my little artists have been creating! I love my job :]


  1. So awesome to be following your dreams - what a rad teacher you are, I'd love to be in your classes making those projects, they all look fun :)

    1. It IS a lot of fun, Fee :] Sometimes it can be really tough, with misbehaving students, LOTS of cleaning, & many unpaid hours put into it. But when I really think about how I get paid to paint & draw & build beautiful artwork with students, I realize how lucky I am. It's MUCH more fun than most jobs! Have you ever taught any art classes? To adults or little ones? I'm sure you'd be really great at it :]