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settled in!

It becomes homier & homier every day & I absolutely love living here! The cats do, too, if you can't tell :] Many more pictures of the place can be found on my flickr. Wow! Christmas is only THREE DAYS away! I'm behind schedule with present-making, thanks to being preoccupied with school, work, & the move. But I'm heading home today & I'll just have to put the finishing touches on some gifts in secret. Wouldn't want the family to see! Anyway, these are a couple gifts I've finished so far:

This is for my friend, Rebecca. She's going for her master's degree right now & she's just always surrounded by stress & seriousness. I wanted her to have something to hang above her desk that can make her stop for a minute & smile. It's a quote from her favorite movie :]

This is for my best friend, Ashley. She's a pastry chef working at a place called We Take The Cake! Have a happy holiday, everyone! I'll see you in the new year :]

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