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how to: yarn holiday wreaths

To me, wreaths are definitely one of the must haves in holiday decor. & they're incredibly easy to make! Grab a styrofoam wreath in whichever size you prefer & grab some yarn. Wrap wrap wrap that yarn around & around until the entire wreath is covered nice & neatly. Run some extra yarn or ribbon through some of the wrapped yarn to make a fancy bow. To make a bow with the yarn, just grab small chunks and tie them as if you were tying your shoelace :]

You can add mini ornaments or a large one in the middle, or even hot glue some buttons on. There are so many ways to customize! If you want to make your own ornament, like I did with the candy cane, just bunch & bind together some pipe cleaners, and mold it to form your shape. Wrap wrap wrap red & white yarn around the pipe cleaners until they're covered. You could do the same thing with other holiday symbols, such as a stocking or Santa's hat :]

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