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how to: handmade gift tags

You will need: several sheets of cardstock in various colors, pen, pencil, scissors, x-acto knife, glue
  1. Cut out 2 gift tag shapes of the same color. I used a gridded cutting mat to make my shapes, but you could also use a template
  2. Set one aside to be the back. This piece will not need to be cut again
  3. On the other tag, use the pencil to draw a holiday design, such as a Christmas tree or candy cane
  4. Use the x-acto knife to cut out the entire outline of your shape
  5. Layer different colors of cardstock underneath the tag to complete the design. This is your time to experiment! For example, with the snowman, I placed a white piece of cardstock underneath the blue tag (with a triangle cut out for the nose), and then placed orange cardstock under the white.
  6. Once you've got the colors of your design in place, glue them down to the underside of the tag
  7. Use a pen to add any other small details. For example, the snowman's arms and buttons
  8. Glue the top of the tag to the back piece of the tag, which was set aside earlier
  9. Use the pen to add a sweet "To/From" design on the back of the tag. Be creative!
  10. Punch a hole through the top of the tag to run some ribbon through. I've misplaced my hole puncher so I haven't done this step yet ;]
  11. Oooh & ahhh & decorate your cute holiday packages!

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