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home sweet home

Burton & I have been living in our new home for about a month now & even though we're super proud of our new nest, I've been delaying sharing photos until we were more...settled. Considering our DIY to do list, I realized that I'd be waiting a looooongggg time for that to happen. So I just decided to give in to some sneak pictures, even though some walls are bare & things are disorganized. That's life.

Regardless, we've had a super productive weekend at the Reed residence. Cars were washed, closets were organized, curtains were sewn, & beer was brewed. Burton & I even started building our own end tables, after tirelessly searching for anything cute & reasonably priced. We got enough lumber for two tables for $15 & we drew our inspiration from this lovely table. Can't wait to share the photos when we're finished!

Have a splendid Monday tomorrow :]

1 comment:

  1. What a pretty home! Can't wait to see all your diy projects :)

    So cool to spy gob up on the wall too :P