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pool tables are a lot of work

But oh so worth it! I've been MIA for no other reason than just being crazzzyyyy busy! Burton & I moved to a new place & have been gradually unpacking & getting settled. Lots of stuff has been going on at my elementary school. I even celebrated my 24th birthday! I've been a busy bumblebee. The most recent task Burton & I undertook is to completely makeover an older pool table!

We hit the ground running with it as soon as we moved in so we could have it ready for a little housewarming/birthday get-together. I don't have a before picture, but trust me it's a huuuuge improvement. We leveled the slate & reapplied the putty, sanded it, refelted it with a beautiful charcoal gray (in replacement of the worn burgundy it had before), & removed the retro fringe tassels from the pockets. SUCH an improvement & it only cost us $85 to do it all on our own. We're proud parents of this new baby :]

Anyway, more updates to come (& more frequently, too!) Hope you've all been well & have had a happy February so far :] Psst...Valentine's Day is just around the corner! <3

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the horseshoe over your doorway, the beautiful flowers on your counter and ... oh yeah ... the pool table DOES look pretty awesome!!! Congrats!!! ILY