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crafting up some more wedding decorations

Burton & I just made the ombre fabric backdrop for our wedding ceremony! It's a simple tutorial, but quite messy. So messy, in fact, that I didn't even bother to take photos during it because the workspace was a disaster. Just imagine drop cloths, dye, & fabric scraps everywhere. So here's the tutorial I used in case you want to look at much prettier directions ;]

We did do a couple things differently, including not using latex gloves & winding up with ombre hands! We just didn't have any gloves & were too impatient to run out to the store. We also used four yards of fabric, instead of the recommended two, for a fuller look. Once all the dyed strips were dry & strung up, Burton & I spent a few tender minutes standing in front of it pretending to be being pronounced man & wife ;]


I've also been buried in clothespins to complete these planters to add to the tables. But I took a break from staining those to make a little card box. I had been using this wooden box to store keepsakes for years, but just add some card stock & embroidery thread & voi la! One less thing on my to do list :]

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