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building our keezer, part 2

It's complete! Except for a missing faucet due to a shipping error ;]

With the outside of our keezer finished, it was time to work on the inside components. Burton & our friend Isaac measured, cut, clamped, & attached tubes to kegs, CO2 regulators, & faucets. Instead of going into the long-winded how to process, here's the video we used for reference. The tutorial is awesome & we honestly didn't even really need to do much research elsewhere.

We purchased used Pepsi Co. kegs & the insides smell like soda syrup!

Measuring for the drip tray & adding some chalk decorations :]

We're beyond thrilled & super proud of our latest project. It's sure to be hit at the wedding & will be such a temptress once we get some beer in those kegs! Burton started brewing a new batch today, a vanilla nut brown ale. We'll also be brewing some beers for the wedding soon, including some pumpkin beer to go with the season (our wedding date is two days after Thanksgiving)! Can't wait :]

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