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DIY wedding rope words!


To go with the rustic feel of our wedding, Burton & I decided to try out this quick (& messy!) tutorial, spelling out words with rope. We went with "Mr." & "Mrs." to go on the backs of our chairs & "I do" to add to the table decor somewhere. So here's how you do it!

Mix  1/2 cup of warm water, 1/4 cup of corn starch, & 4oz of school glue in a medium sized bowl. Lay out some wax paper in an area that won't be disturbed because it does have a long dry time! You could even trace out the words you want to do on the wax paper if that will make it easier to form the rope. Run the rope through the mixture, allowing it to soak through a bit, then start forming! Let's be honest here, there's no way to do this that won't lead to a big ol' mess, but that's what crafting is all about ;]

Here are some extra tips! Keep in mind that the bigger the word is, the flimsier it will be when it dries, so try to keep it simple. Put extra glue where the rope overlaps & let sit for at least 12 hours (I waited 24 just to be sure). I also noticed that some of my letters kept popping up, so I put more wax paper & heavy objects on top to have them dry flat. Happy crafting! :]

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