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the marriage marathon continues!

Remember that Marriage Marathon I mentioned a little while ago? Well it continues tomorrow with TWO weddings on the same day! My lovely friends Katie & Tyson get married in the morning, & Garine & Jeremy are getting married in the afternoon. I met Katie & Tyson about six years ago during my first year at Flagler College & Garine is the music teacher at my school, although we met a few years ago at UCF. I get so excited when I go to even one wedding, but two! I'm bursting at the seams with happiness for my pals :]


So I made the four lovebirds embroidery hoops (I love hoops!) that I think fit their personalities. I'm never comfortable with buying newlyweds blenders or towels, so I usually try to make something instead. & I hope these babies keep a special spot on a wall in their homes for many years to come. After the dual weddings, Burton & I have two more weddings in October, with Burton being the best man at one & me being the maid of honor at the other! THEN we will wrap up the Year of the Weddings with our very own in November :D

What a wonderful & lovey dovey year. XO.

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