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february - june

FEBRUARY: Being masterpieces at the Orlando Museum of Art

FEBRUARY: Accomplishing my lifelong dream of hand-feeding a giraffe!!

MARCH: At Chris & Lindsay's wedding!

APRIL: Girls Weekend Getaway with my mama & grandma at Vero Beach!

APRIL: Happy pool dog during Easter weekend :]

MAY: Ingrid Michaelson concert! Sitting in the VIP section, just like last time!

MAY: Best breakfast ever after our going away party! Breakfast. IN A POOL!

JUNE: Squeezing in as many family visits as possible before the big move to Oregon!

UP NEXT: Pictures from our cross-country road trip & our adventures in Portland :]


  1. ah such fun photos! It is also my dream to feed a giraffe - need to cross that off my bucket list!

    1. It was completely thrilling! I hope you get the chance to feed giraffes soon :]