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savannah spring break!

Before our big move to Oregon, Burton & I wanted to revisit Savannah one last time. Burton proposed to me along the Savannah River last time we visited, so it's a sentimental city for us. We decided to rent this condo on Broughton Street for the week of our spring break vacation (we have become big fans of vacation rentals > hotels). Here are some of my favorite moments from the trip :]
We brought our bikes, just like we did for our last visit, as our main mode of transportation.
We love how walkable & bike-friendly Savannah is. While we were out to dinner one night,
Burton even called Savannah "the Portland of the South" :]

Burton & I revisited our favorite spots & even recreated photographs :]

 We spent hours in Forsyth Park, laying on blankets, reading books, & enjoying cheese & wine picnics.
I even brought a canvas with me & painted the fountain!

We ate LOTS of yummy food! I listed my favorite stops at the end of the entry :]

In our week there, we had plenty of time to not only explore Savannah,
but also its surrounding areas, like Tybee Island.

I look forward to the next time we meet, Savannah :]

Alright, favorite spots! In case we go there again & I want to remember ;]
SOUPS/SAMMIES: Starland Cafe & SoHo South Cafe 


  1. so fun and I love that you bought your bikes!

    1. I hate hate hate driving, so I absolutely love cities where walking or biking around is actually easier. That's actually one of the many reasons why we moved to Portland, Oregon :]