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living in 350 square feet!

Welcome to our home! Out in Portland, we've downsized to a 1-bedroom apartment in the Irvington
district. It's only 350ish square feet, but it doesn't feel like it's too small for what we need.
Actually, Burton & I both agree that this is our favorite rental we've ever had :]

Tiny spaces are fun because they force you to get clever with storage.
I honestly don't think we could've done a better job with the space.

Here's the living room leading into the galley-style kitchen.

We opted for a projector & screen instead of a TV. It is AWESOME.

We even have stuff stored underneath the couch!

Myla's favorite spot :]

Tiny kitchen!

Stephen Colbert approves of our cooking.

Kitchen leading into the bedroom. Bathroom & washer/dryer on the left.

We lovelovelove our bedframe & headboard!
There is crazy amounts of storage in those drawers & cubbies.
We even have our giant wireless printer in one of those drawers!

Our little succulent garden!

My "princess" mirror behind the door & next to the closet.

Our gallery wall! This is what happens when you have a ton of artwork & very little wall space.

The bathroom! Those vinyl raindrops are probably my favorite addition to our home :]

The end! Thanks for visiting :]

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  1. I love seeing inside people's homes and you guys definitely used your space wisely - everything looks perfectly placed and cute :)