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hello, end tables!

Here they are! In from the garage & photographed with a proper camera :] Considering neither of us had ever built a table before, we're pretty proud of how they came out. They've got some imperfections, but we love them all the more for it. Burton & I are on the fence about breaking out the sander again to give them that distressed look, but we're just going to leave them alone for now. What do you think?! We love them.

Total cost for the two tables was $15, mostly for the lumber. We got one 16 foot piece of wood, which was mostly cut for us by the fellas at Home Depot. Add some screws & paint that you have on hand, & you've got two tables for less than $20!

Next up: prettying the patio, painting our walls, & putting more paintings on our walls! What a happy home this is becoming :]

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