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DIY favor bags (complete with sidewalk chalk!)


If you took the teensiest glance at my Pinterest wedding board, you could gather that Burton & I are aiming for a DIY, rustic themed wedding. But we were struggling to come up with one detail that would kind of unify everything, including our favors. We had contemplated anything quirky & cost-effective, including homemade vanilla extract & lovey dovey mix CDs. & then I had the idea for sidewalk chalk, because c'mon, who doesn't love sidewalk chalk? And that led to us deciding to just run with the chalkboard theme for the whole wedding! But back to the favors...


We came in at around $0.75/person for our favors! A real feat considering the average bride spends $3-5/person. Here's how we did it: I bought the sidewalk chalk in bulk (+ my teacher discount) at around $5 for a box of 60 pieces, figuring each person could get 3 pieces. Then I bought cotton bags from this amazing site for $0.54 each. Then I just prettied up the bags with a stamp & pads (which I bought from Joann when they were marked half off!) I also made my own triple heart stamp with a nifty pink eraser :]

After stamping away, it was just a matter of filling all of the bags with sidewalk chalk! The art teacher in me tried to put the three primary colors in each favor bag, but since I had a random assortment of colors, I just had to do the best I could ;] Either way, I'd say we're pretty proud. So whatcha think?! What are some of your favorite favors you've seen around?

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  1. I LOVE THESE!! They look amazing!! You two are so crafty! :)