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found! our wedding stylist :]



I was starting to feel overwhelmed trying to find a modestly-priced stylist that wouldn't make me look like this or this on our wedding day. I'm the kind of girl that doesn't ever blow-dry my hair & I only wear makeup spontaneously, so I didn't want the whole done up, princessy type of look. But then my best friend, Ashley, saved the day & showed me these pictures from a wedding she went to recently & hooked me up with the friend of a friend stylist! Seriously, those girls look like they just stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog.

Once I saw those pictures, I knew she'd be perfect. I love the effortless, natural look she gave the girls. The stylist is also super sweet, down to earth, & very generous with her pricing. I couldn't be more excited & I seriously can't WAIT to get pampered with the bridesmaids & the moms on the big day! Here's some of my style inspiration :]

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