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our adventure book

Right off the bat, one of my favorite things about Burton was his sense of adventure. He's never afraid to try anything new & encourage me to do the same. So a few months back, I bought him our very own adventure book, inspired by the one in 'Up'. I've already started filling it up with some of our favorite memories, but I'm sure this book won't be nearly enough to hold all the adventures we'll have in the future :] Here are some of my favorite adventuresome things to do with Burton...

Climb up slippery rocks near a waterfall for a kiss

Explore our surroundings via hiking

Orrrrr explore our surroundings via biking :]

Have relaxing beach bum days

See breweries! & even turn our home into a miniature one ;]

Eat foods I've never heard of

Or just make our own...
Go rafting or kayaking

Go geocaching in strange, new territories

After just two months together, I made Burton a "monthaversary" card that said, "Let's always go on adventures & discover new things together! I love you!" I love him, I love us, & I can't wait to see what Our Adventure Book looks like when it's filled :]

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