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DIY upcycled garter!


I just made my garter from a torn pair of underwear -- It doesn't get anymore DIY than that! Let me explain: my dog loves to eat fabric & has chewed through a number of my panties. After the last pair she destroyed, a moment of genius struck me. The pretty elastic lace that goes around the waist would be perfect for making a garter!

Now I know paying for a garter wouldn't break the bank & I was already looking around at buying something like this on etsy. But I can never resist making something myself :] So I trimmed off the lace, threw the rest away & carefully sewed the ends together.


At first, I tried to make little rosettes out of fabric scraps (like my inspiration photo), but it wound up being too bulky. So I decided to keep it simple. I cut out little hearts from different fabrics & tried to arrange them in different ways. Once I settled, I glued them down to each other & to the lace with tacky glue, making sure to cover my stitches on the lace. Thinking about it now, I might stitch them down just to be safe.


So there you have it. Sweet & simple & it didn't cost me a penny. Which is good because it's just going to get tossed anyway ;]

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