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handmade photobooth props!

It's safe to say that photo booths are the new wedding trend & we definitely want one at our wedding! & what photo booth is complete without props?? Allow me to introduce you to one of the easiest DIYs ever that is sure to warm your heart :]


First, look for inspiration! I gathered most of my ideas from the props in this etsy shop & she has many other themed props (like western, holidays, or pirates) to match the feel of the event. Her items are printed on paper, but I decided to use sturdy polyester felt instead. I cut the shapes on the black felt freehand, but used a marker to draw on the lighter colors. You could also use marker to add patterns & details, which I did on the lips & ties.


Run to the mirror to double check the size of the prop, making sure it "fits" your face. Trying everything on was definitely my favorite part of this project :] Secure the felt to skinny wood dowels with hot glue, making sure to keep the dowel straight, allow to dry completely, & then admire! I was able to make about 20 pieces for less than $5. You seriously can't beat that :]

PS; here is some more fun photo booth inspiration.

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