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It's officially SUMMAH TIME! Burton & I have survived our first year teaching & honestly, it went pretty damn smoothly for both of us. Burton's definitely a natural & we were both quickly welcomed into close-knit schools. Although we did great, we now each have a running list of all things we plan to do differently next year. I mean, c'mon, I've got like SIX art education boards on Pinterest ;]


But now that our glorious, two-month-long break is here, we've got all sorts of things we need to accomplish this summer. At least a dozen wedding DIYs (stay tuned!), building our own keezer, paintinnnnnggggg, & cruisin'!! While all this is going on, Burton will also be attending grad school! I mentioned that we had some exciting news a while back, but just now realized that I never revealed it. Silly me.

Anyway, because Burton is so amazing & everything always seems to fall into place, he was accepted into a science education program at UCF with 50 other students to get a masters degree FOR FREE! That boy will have a free masters by August 2013. So exciting :] & what's better is that "free" education degrees usually involve the student agreeing to teach X amount of years within the area afterwards, but this one doesn't! So this will not affect us with our out-of-state move in a couple of years :] Huzzah!

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