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hello, 2014!

Starting a new year is always hectic & exciting! Burton & I rang in the new year with fancy clothes, good friends, & yummy food. I actually wore my prom dress & Burton wore his wedding vest! We like to recycle ;]

Did you make any resolutions for 2014? I don't care much for them because they can sometimes set you up for disappointment, but I do like making to do lists! I try to make a list of things I anticipate accomplishing for each new year, but dropped the ball in 2013. Probably because Burton & I were honeymooning in Costa Rica at the time & just forgot (but you can see 2012's here!) Anyhoo, here are my goals to turn 2014 into a kick ass year:

1.  Go without buying a single item of clothing
2.  Successfully finish my 3rd year of teaching. No longer a rookie!
3.  Create at least 10 small crafts or DIYs from my Pinterest boards
4.  Make the meal represented in each month of this calendar
5.  Prepare at least one meal from this cookbook each month
6.  Put at least $5K into our house fund
7.  Drive across country, see some sights, and…
8.  Move to Oregon!
9.  Delve into my new work life & make good first impressions
10. Learn to live minimally
11. Exercise at least three times each week
12. Read at least 10 new books
13. Learn to crochet
14. Get a new tattoo???

I've already started working towards some of these by throwing away clothing catalogs & coupons that come in the mail. We've also been decluttering like crazy, selling things on eBay & craigslist, & donating the rest. It feels GOOD. I'll check in at the end of 2014 & see how well I did. Hope your year is off to a great start! I don't know about you, but I've got a really, REALLY good feeling about 2014 :]


  1. ahh that's awesome not to buy new clothing, I do love the idea of living minimal - super good luck :) Your life is very inspiring I love following your blog and I love how happy you and Burton are!! Happy New Year!

    1. aww, fee! you're the sweetest :] yeah, I'm loving not feeling like I have to buy clothes, ya know? as we're downsizing for the move, we've donated at least 7 trash bags full of clothes & it's made me really consider items before I buy them. this helps too:

      Happy new year, friend!