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new year's resolutions: revisited & reinvented

Last year, I had a list of "11 Things to do Before 2012" & was able to meet most of them! I've significantly improved my cooking skills and explored my bamboo tablet. I graduated, landed a job, and decorated an inspirational classroom. I've traveled with Burton out-of-state (not once, but three times!) to Michigan, North Carolina, & Savannah :] I got my hands on a kindle, shook up my appearance (just some minor hair changes), sent more snail mail, & went to some concerts. The only resolutions I didn't meet were to make 10 paintings (I think I made 5) & a linoleum block print. Considering what I did accomplish, I can live with that...not to mention I adopted a puppy & got engaged!! (two things that weren't on my list) ;]

2011 was certainly an AMAZING year & will be hard to beat. Now it's time to reinvent a new list, so here are my *12 THINGS TO DO BEFORE 2013*

Have a wonderful & safe New Year's Eve, everyone!

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