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DIY fabric scraps wreath

I had plenty of scrap fabric left over from my fabric flower hair pins, so I decided to make this little wreath with them! All you need is a wire wreath frame & fabric scraps (I just like to use the fabric quarters they sell at Joann).

Cut up all of your fabrics into strips about 6" long & half an inch wide. They don't need to be exact though. I just kept folding the fabric in half & cutting until it looked about right. I also laid my scraps out in the order of the pattern I wanted to do. Deciding on a pattern isn't completely necessary, but I think it makes the whole lot process a bit easier.


All you do next is tie the scraps around the wire in a knot & slide it, until the whole frame is filled. So simple! It's a little time-consuming though so I recommend watching a good movie while wreath-making. The process itself doesn't require a whole lot of brain power anyway ;] When you're done, just tie some string, ribbon, or rafia in a loop around the wire so you can hang your new creation!

These would be so cute for holidays as well, with fabric in the different color schemes. I'm already eager to make my next one; I just bought some red, white, & blue fabric quarters for an Independence Day wreath. I know I'll have to wait almost a year to display it, but it's the one holiday I have zero decorations for. Happy Sunday! XO.

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